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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration / patents.

Trade mark registration in Panama is an important step for all business and ensuring the brand they represent or the brand created to develop any business and avoiding plagiarism, indiscriminate and imitation, while preserving the values and the primary reason the creation or representation of your brand

What is a brand?

Any sign, word, combination of these or any other means which, by their characters, is capable of distinguishing a product or service. May constitute marks, among others, the following elements: words or word combinations, images, figures, symbols, and graphics. Three-dimensional shapes, including wrappers, containers, the shape of the product or its presentation and holograms, Colors in various combinations. Any combination of elements, without limitation, is mentioned in the above.

The registration of a trademark presents some simple requirements for entry which are:

  1. Power
  2. Affidavit of Use of the Mark
  3. Certificate of Public Registry (Panamanian registered organization).
  4. Certification of Legal Existence of the Company.

With these documents we can process your mark giving support for your company to ensure its identity as an unregistered trademark can be used by any person causing confusion, piracy or plagiarism, this is a process that is done by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Directorate General of Intellectual Property Registry.

If you are interested in, please contact ASG Legal S.A.