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Principles of the ASG Legal Panama S.A. concerning personal data protection on the Internet.

  1. When you access our web site, you can find information about our products and services, you can read news about us or you can obtain the latest information or other added-value services, without having to provide us with any data about you
  2. If you provide us with any of your personal data, such as address, e-mail address, telephone or fax numbers, this information will not be disclosed by us (nor will it be shared, sold or announced) to any third party. This information, like the information about your business activities and transactions, will be kept by our company in accordance with our usual strict security standards and confidentiality principles.
  3. Persons interested in offshore services should obtain appropriate legal advice in their own country. ASG Legal Panama S.A., the Internet Provider, and all contributors and editors of the web site accept no responsibility for persons acting or not acting as a result of the information contained or not contained on this web site
  4. In order to provide still better services or in order to maximize security we will be using "cookies" from time to time. "Cookie" is tiny information which is kept by the server on an Internet browser of your PC and which can be searched for later on. Cookie cannot be read by any server other than the one which has created it. Most cookies last for the time of a single visit only. None of them includes any information which could enable anybody to contact you by phone, e-mail or by post. You can set your Internet browser in such a manner that you are informed every time when a cookie is being created or even in such a manner that it can be made to prevent a cookie from its creation.