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Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds in Panama.

Mutual funds are an investment alternative which is to raise funds from various investors, natural or juridical, to invest in different financial instruments; responsibility is delegated to a management company that is a bank or financial institution.

By investing in a fund yields a number of shares, which daily have a price or net asset value, obtained by the split between equity value and number of shares outstanding.

The fund's performance becomes effective at the time of sale of the shares, which can be carried out at the time you want.

Unlike the savings, the amounts invested in mutual funds are not guaranteed a profit because the mutual fund risk that investment does not deliver the expected return.

Investments in mutual funds have grown by leaps and bounds internationally, and Panama did not escape this tendency to consolidate this approach as a good alternative for a profit.

In Panama since 1970, allows the creation and activity of mutual funds and are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission by Cabinet Decree No. 247 of July 16, 1970, Which Regulates the Public Offering of securities and mutual funds.

To exercise this kind of business, you need a Panamanian business license type A; it can be used to perform wholesale trade, business, banks, financial companies, financial intermediaries, insurance, mutual funds, and international transport.

What are the benefits?

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